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WNC-MOAA is a non-partisan organization

Our purpose, and that of National MOAA, is to advocate on behalf of issues which affect active duty members, their families, and veterans and their families. This advocacy is non-partisan; we are only interested in serving the needs of our active duty and veterans and their families and pledge to take no part in political activity outside of this advocacy. Although individual members may (and do) support different political parties or candidates, the Chapter and National MOAA do not and will not take partisan sides, again only advocating for the good of active duty members, veterans, and their families.

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Time-sensitive Legislation Issues - October 2020

Time Sensitive Legislation, Arlington National Cemetery

If your plans to are to be interred in Arlington National Cemetery, there are some concerning issues that may interfere with your final wishes. MOAA is requesting MOAA members to please take the time to submit your thoughts under Public Comments. See the article here.

MOAA immediate Take Action legislation:

These important issues require your immediate attention. Send your elected officials a MOAA-suggested message today.

Pass a Budget, on Time, to Avoid Damage Caused By Continuing Resolutions

Continuing resolutions stall plans to modernize DoD and improve the lives of servicemembers, military families, retirees, and veterans. New programs receive no funds while outdated ones limp forward. Looming shutdowns put some servicemembers’ pay at risk. Ask your lawmakers to pass a budget on time this year.

Ask Your Lawmaker to Help Expand Benefits for Tens of Thousands of Vietnam Veterans

The Senate version of the FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would expand VA benefits available to Vietnam veterans exposed to herbicides such as Agent Orange, adding conditions scientifically linked to such exposure.

Urge Your Lawmakers to Support FY21 NDAA Provisions to Stop Cuts to Military Medicine

Act now to urge your elected officials to support FY21 NDAA legislation that will halt cuts to military medicine and increase congressional oversight of these efforts.

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