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Veterans Day 2020

President’s Remarks

I will go ahead and say it with my outside voice. “I miss seeing all of you and being able to gather like we used to.” With all the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed on us my guess is that I’m not alone. What’s not to like about food, fun, and fellowship? Growing up in a military household, Veterans Day was always a big deal. It was like a rerun of the 4th of July. Thinking back on it, what I treasure most are the memories of togetherness with other military families. A unique tribe who faced the best and the worst military life threw at us, we stumbled through it together. Now, a veteran myself, Veterans Day has an even deeper meaning than ever. As members of MOAA we are able to stick together through our ability to advocate for each other, which includes all ranks and services. Active duty, retired, former, reservist, military families and Surviving Spouses, we are all advocates for all our military members and their families by taking action on legislative issues that affect us all.

Regardless of how we meet, in person or remotely, we can’t underestimate the value of togetherness and our ability to NEVER STOP SERVING.

May you all have a blessed Veterans Day and Holiday Season.

Donna Culp, Capt (USAF-Frm)

President, WNC MOAA